Submitting files to the Photocentric LC Pro

Models can be submitted to the LC Pro printer as any kind of mesh, preferably an STL. Please export your mesh from whatever modeling software you use in millimeters to ensure it is scaled properly. Your mesh must be completely manifold and watertight. If problems with your source model can’t be easily addressed in your modeling software, you can use Meshmixer to quickly fix these issues by following this tutorial.

If there are any issues with your mesh, it will be removed from the print queue and you will be asked to make repairs before resubmitting it. After submitted, AT Office staff may re-orient your part and will add support as necessary for the orientation of the object. Submitted parts will be run in a batch at the end of every work day due to the long print times on this printer. Print times are tied to the z-height of the objects in the job (roughly 8 hours/vertical inch).

Make sure your STL also fits within the build envelope of the printer: 18.5โ€ x 9.4โ€ x 13.3โ€ or 470mm x 240mm x 340mm

Submit your part for printing via 3DPrinterOS but uploading your STL. From the My Files page, click on the Apps button to the right of your part’s listing on the page.

From the menu that appears, click on the Print through Industrial printers Factory button.

After that, find the Photocentric LC Pro in the printers list and click on the Queue button to the right of it.

Your job will then be in the queue for the printer. Please watch your email for updates regarding your print job.