Digital Classrooms

[Room 706 pictured]

All of the classrooms at the School of Architecture have a workstation with all of the school’s software installed and are setup to display digital content via an 80” or larger LCD screen or via an HD projector.

Each classroom is outfitted with an HDMI laptop cable to directly connect an HDMI equipped laptop.  In addition each classroom is setup to wirelessly send your laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen directly to the LCD monitor or projector.  

For Apple products use Airplay.
For PC and Android based Products use Microsoft Wireless Adapters (Miracast)

If the classroom is outfitted with an LCD monitor, the inputs on the monitor are configured as follows:

Input 1 - Installed School Workstation
Input 2 - HDMI cable for laptop connection
Input 3 - Mac Airplay
Input 4 - PC Mira Cast