Recovering Files

Recovering Files from an Active Class or Studio Folder:

The School’s server based storage has a built in file recovery system called snapshot.  With snapshot you can recover files that have been deleted from the file sever AND you can also recover previous version of a file that is currently on the server.

Snapshot Specifics:

1.  A snapshot is usually taken every day around midnight.  If you create a file and then delete it, it may not be recoverable until the snapshot is taken.

2. Snapshots are saved for the past 8 days - beyond that there is no archive.

Tutorial on Recovering a deleted file

Tutorial on Restoring a previous version of a file

Recovering Files from an Archived Class or Studio Folder:

Once the semester ends, the class or studio files are archived.  Once these files are archived, they can be recovered.  However, due to the time it takes to recover these files a fee of $25.00 will be charged.  

Also, once the files are in the archive, you cannot retrieve the entire class or studio folder, only the specific files in that folder that were created by or belonged to you.  If you need to have files retrieved from multiple class or studio folders, you will be charged a recovery fee for each class or studio.