Faculty/Staff Personal Equipment

AT Staff provides support for faculty and staff personal equipment for the following:

Configuration of personal equipment for connecting to the School of Architecture’s computer network.

  • The Advanced Technology Staff will configure a faculty or staff member’s personal machine so that they can connect to the school of Architecture’s computer network.
  • Installing VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection software.
  • Installing printer drivers for office laser printers.

Support in connecting faculty personal computers to presentation equipment in the School of Architecture:

The AT Staff will assist Faculty and Staff members in configuring their equipment so that it works on the presentation equipment in the school. This includes configuring the equipment displays and updating system drivers.

Please Note:  Computers are located in each classroom, in a worse case scenario, we will copy the presentation files off of your personal computer and load them onto the presentation machine.

Faculty support in printing or plotting documents:

The AT Staff staff will assist faculty members in printing to the school’s printing equipment.

Please Note: Printing and Plotting of Professional work is not allowed.

The AT Staff DOES NOT provide support for the following things:

The AT Staff staff cannot provide technical support for any personal computer, operating system, or 3rd party software or hardware. Furthermore, the AT Staff cannot service a faculty or staff owned machine. This includes installing hardware components or repairing hardware or software components on personal computers.

HOWEVER, All faculty can take personal equipment to the Yale Student Technology Collaborative (STC). The STC will diagnose and repair personal equipment, including laptops, tablets and smart phone free of charge.

Link to the Yale Student Technology Collaborative