Water Jet Cutter

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Cutting Area 40” x 20” (You can only cut through material, it does not do surface machining)
Materials Allowed

You can cut the following materials on the Waterjet:

Steel (Up to 2” thick)
Glass (Non-tempered glass only. Tempered glass will shatter.)
Stone and Tile
Wood and plywood (Cut above water)
Acrylic and Plastic (Cut above water only if material floats)



Tutorials on using this water jet

Access Access will be granted ONLY AFTER students complete an orientation on how to operate the machine. Once you complete this training, you will be granted login access to the waterjet.

This machine is complex to operate and extremely dangerous if used improperly. This procedure is in place to protect your safety and to ensure the safety of the equipment.

Use Charge

The Shop will determine how much to charge based on the amount of garnet you use.

This charge covers the following items which get used or wear out during normal cutting:

  • Abrasive Material
  • Wear and tear on the pump (covers valves, seals, and rings on the pump)
  • Replacement of diamond or ruby orifice
  • Replacement of mixing tubes (includes accidental breakage of tubes)
  • Replacement of cutting bed supports
Access to Machine Access to this machine is during normal shop hours. Those hours are set by the shop and are subject to change at any time.