Studio Laser Cutters


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Learn how to set up and send a job to the laser cutter with our tutorial.

Adjust power and speed settings for your material using this tutorial.

If raster engraving, read through this tutorial first.

If you prefer a video tutorial you can view the safety information video and the instructional video for the studio floor laser cutters on Vimeo. We recommend watching the videos in full-screen to see all steps in the process clearly.

These laser Cutter are located on the studio floors.  Two laser cutters per floor.

4th Floor Laser Cutter Room - Live
5th Floor Laser Cutter Room - Live
6th Floor Laser Cutter Room - Live
7th Floor Laser Cutter Room - Live

You need to watch a safety video and register for laser cutter access in order to use this equipment.

Cutting Volume-
Studio Laser Cutters
32” Wide x 18” Long x 4” High Focal Point
Training/Tutorials An online text tutorial is available here. Videos explaining safety precautions and how to use the laser cutters are also available. Print tutorials are posted in the laser cutter rooms.

Laser Cutters on the 4th -7th Floors:

A wide array of materials can be cut on the lasers cutters, but not everything can or should be cut with them.

DO NOT cut the following on these laser cutters:


If you are unsure, about cutting a specific material, please see an Advanced Technology staff member.

Safety Guidelines

Rules of Operation - Failure to follow these rules can result in disciplinary action and can lead to extended loss of access to this equipment.

High Risk of Fire - Do not leave this machine unattended while cutting for ANY reason. If you have to leave, pause cutting by lifting the lid to the laser cutter.

The laser cutters are available from 8:00AM to Midnight, 7 days a week.

Wait several minutes before opening the laser cutter lid when cutting plastics. This gives enough time for the exhaust system to remove all unpleasant gases.

Do not stare directly at the laser cutter beam while cutting. If you stare directly at the laser cutter beam for any period of time, it can cause retinal damage to your eyes.

Avoid repeated visible flames while cutting. If you see repeated flare-ups while cutting, stop the laser cutter and adjust the cut settings, increasing the speed
and/or decreasing the power.

Do not cut with a knife on top of the laser cutters. Please use the provided cutting tables in the room.

If your workpiece is on fire, there is a fire extinguisher immediately outside each laser cutter room. Please open the laser cutter, exit the laser cutter room, and pull the nearest fire alarm before attempting to extinguish your workpiece.

Access to Machine Refer to the Laser Room Lab web page