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The CNC Tangent Die Cutter is used to cut material up to 3/16” thick. It uses a small steel blade fitted into a holder and rotates the blade as it cuts.

Unlike like a laser cutter, this machine can cut with no kerf, no burnt edges, and it can cut flammable materials such as foam core and cardboard.

Cutting Size

35.43” x 47.24” or 90cm x 120cm


The cost of the machine is in its blades. Blades cost $2.00/blade (This includes required CT Sales Tax)

The blade itself costs $1.04 (with Tax = $1.11) The Remaining Cost = $0.89 ($0.84 minus CT sales Tax) is for replacing the Felt Boards and overall machine maintenance.

Typically you should be able to cut 3-4 jobs on one blade.
However, improper use or settings can quickly dull or break a blade.


Using the CNC Tangent Die Cutter

Approved Materials

You CAN cut the following materials on this Machine:

NOTE: These values are SUGGESTED baselines for materials. Always test your settings before cutting.

Material Speed Grams of Pressure Blade Offset
3/16” C Loop Cardboard 25 700 0.03
1/16” E Loop Cardboard 30 700 0.03
Single Ply Chipboard (0.04”) 50 600 0.03
Double Ply Chipboard (0.08”) 30 800 (Total)-2 passes 0.03
Museum Board 20 1200 0.03
3/16” Foam Core 50 700 (Total) - 2 Passes 0.03
3/16” Gator Board 20 850 (Total) - 3 Passes 0.03
Thin Vinyl and Fabrics 30 300 0.00
Pen Tool 50 200 0.00
Creaser Tool 50 1500 0.00

You Can Not Cut the Following Materials on the Laser Cutters:

- Any Type of Wood
- Triple Ply (or more) Chipboard - too thick to cut.
- Any Metal (Steel, Alum,Copper, Gold, etc)
- Any Type of Plastic or Polycarbonate
- Glass/Stone/Corian or any type of hard materials

(Using the Pen Tool and the Creasing tool is OK on these materials except for hard materials)

5. Safety Guidelines

Rules of Operation - Failure to follow these rules WILL result in Disciplinary Action AND can lead to extended loss of access to this equipment.

High Risk of Damage - Do not leave this machine unattended while cutting for ANY reason.

CNC Tangent Die Cutter Reservations: 1 Hour Per Day for a Max of 2 Consecutive Days
You can only reserve this machine for a maximum of 1 hour per day for a maximum of 2
Consecutive days.

DO NOT manually hold down your material - You must use the vacuum system.
Bodily injury can occur of you try to hold materials down by hand. You must keep all hands clear of the machine while the machine is in operation.

DO NOT Lean or sit on top of this machine - Doing so WILL bend the table bed.

DO NOT Use this machine as a work surface - Doing so WILL bend and/or damage the table bed.

DO NOT Manually cut on top of this machine - Doing so WILL bend and/or damage the table bed.

DO NOT cut anything thicker than 3/16”- Doing so will damage your material and/or the machine as the blades cannot cut material thicker than 3/16”

6. Access to Machine The Machine is open for use on a 24/7 schedule. Students need to provide their own Materials
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