42” Wide Format Scanner

HP DesignJet HD Pro 42” Scanner: Quantity 1

Location: 4th floor Studio Floor

Max Media Scan Size: 42” Wide by 120” Long by 3/8” Thick

This is a free standing scanner and will scan files directly to the scan drop box share which is mapped to the School’s workstations.  

Note - You have 24 hours or so to collect your files from this share before they are automatically erased.


  • No charcoal drawings are allowed to be scanned as it ruins future media being scanned. - Not Cool! - Use the photo copy stand for Charcoal.
  • No sharp or abrasive objects can be scanned as it scratches the glass. 

If you run a charcoal drawing or medium with sharp abrasive objects, you will be fined on a per incident basis for servicing of this scanner and you will loose access to this scanner.

Workable Fixatif - a required step!

If you have pencil, pastel, or unstable medium on your artwork (charcoal is not allowed even with fixatif), you need to spray it first with Workable Fixatif.  This will ensure that your drawing will not be smudged.  This will also ensure that your medium is not deposited onto the scanner, which could ruin the next persons originals when scanned.

Workable Fixatif